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School Team Online Code
Agoura HS Baseball - Boys 16AGBA
Agoura HS Basketball - Boys 16AGBBB
Agoura HS Basketball - Girls 16AGGBB
Agoura HS Cheer 16AGCH
Agoura HS Cross Country 16AGCC
Agoura HS Dance 16AGDC
Agoura HS Football 16AGFB
Agoura HS Golf - Boys 16AGBGF
Agoura HS Golf - Girls 16AGGGF
Agoura HS Lacrosse - Boys 16AGBLC
Agoura HS Lacrosse - Girls 16AGGLC
Agoura HS Soccer - Boys 16AGBSC
Agoura HS Soccer - Girls 16AGGSC
Agoura HS Softball - Girls 16AGSB
Agoura HS Swim/Dive 16AGSW
Agoura HS Tennis - Boys 16AGBTN
Agoura HS Tennis - Girls 16AGGTN
Agoura HS Track 16AGTR
Agoura HS Volleyball - Boys 16AGBVB
Agoura HS Volleyball - Girls 16AGGVB
Agoura HS Water Polo - Boys 16AGBWP
Agoura HS Water Polo - Girls 16AGGWP
Agoura HS Wrestling 16AGWR
Buena HS Baseball - Boys 16BUBA
Buena HS Basketball - Boys 16BUBBB
Buena HS Basketball - Girls 16BUGBB
Buena HS Cheer 16BUCH
Buena HS Cross Country 16BUCC
Buena HS Dance 16BUDC
Buena HS Football 16BUFB
Buena HS Golf - Boys 16BUBGF
Buena HS Golf - Girls 16BUGGF
Buena HS Lacrosse - Boys 16BUBLC
Buena HS Lacrosse - Girls 16BUGLC
Buena HS Marching Band 16BUMB
Buena HS Soccer - Boys 16BUBSC
Buena HS Soccer - Girls 16BUGSC
Buena HS Softball - Girls 16BUSB
Buena HS Swim/Dive 16BUSW
Buena HS Tennis - Boys 16BUBTN
Buena HS Tennis - Girls 16BUGTN
Buena HS Track 16BUTR
Buena HS Volleyball - Boys 16BUBVB
Buena HS Volleyball - Girls 16BUGVB
Buena HS Water Polo - Boys 16BUBWP
Buena HS Water Polo - Girls 16BUGWP
Buena HS Wrestling 16BUWR
Carpinteria HS Baseball - Boys 16CHBA
Carpinteria HS Basketball - Boys 16CHBBB
Carpinteria HS Basketball - Girls 16CHGBB
Carpinteria HS Cheer 16CHCH
Carpinteria HS Cross Country 16CHCC
Carpinteria HS Dance 16CHDC
Carpinteria HS Football 16CHFB
Carpinteria HS Golf - Boys 16CHBGF
Carpinteria HS Golf - Girls 16CHGGF
Carpinteria HS Lacrosse - Boys 16CHBLC
Carpinteria HS Lacrosse - Girls 16CHGLC
Carpinteria HS Soccer - Boys 16CHBSC
Carpinteria HS Soccer - Girls 16CHGSC
Carpinteria HS Softball - Girls 16CHSB
Carpinteria HS Swim/Dive 16CHSW
Carpinteria HS Tennis - Boys 16CHBTN
Carpinteria HS Tennis - Girls 16CHGTN
Carpinteria HS Track 16CHTR
Carpinteria HS Volleyball - Boys 16CHBVB
Carpinteria HS Volleyball - Girls 16CHGVB
Carpinteria HS Water Polo - Boys 16CHBWP
Carpinteria HS Water Polo - Girls 16CHGWP
Carpinteria HS Wrestling 16CHWR
Ernest Righetti HS Basketball - Boys 16RGBBB
Lompoc HS Baseball 16LPBA
Lompoc HS Basketball - Boys 16LPBBB
Lompoc HS Basketball - Girls 16LPGBB
Lompoc HS Cheer 16LPCH
Lompoc HS Cross Country 16LPCC
Lompoc HS Dance 16LPDC
Lompoc HS Football 16LPFB
Lompoc HS Golf - Boy's 16LPBGF
Lompoc HS Golf - Girl's 16LPGGF
Lompoc HS Lacrosse - Boy's 16LPBLC
Lompoc HS Lacrosse - Girl's 16LPGLC
Lompoc HS Soccer - Boy's 16LPBSC
Lompoc HS Soccer - Girl's 16LPGSC
Lompoc HS Softball 16LPSB
Lompoc HS Swim/Dive 16LPSW
Lompoc HS Tennis - Boy's 16LPBTN
Lompoc HS Tennis - Girl's 16LPGTN
Lompoc HS Track 16LPTR
Lompoc HS Volleyball - Boy's 16LPBVB
Lompoc HS Volleyball - Girl's 16LPGVB
Lompoc HS Water Polo - Boy's 16LPBWP
Lompoc HS Water Polo - Girl's 16LPGWP
Lompoc HS Wrestling 16LPWR
Moorpark HS Dance 17MHSDC
Oaks Christian Baseball - Boys 16OCBA
Oaks Christian Basketball - Boys 16OCBBB
Oaks Christian Basketball - Girls 16OCGBB
Oaks Christian Cheer 16OCCH
Oaks Christian Cross Country 16OCCC
Oaks Christian Dance 16OCDC
Oaks Christian Football 16OCFB
Oaks Christian Golf - Boys 16OCBGF
Oaks Christian Golf - Girls 16OCGGF
Oaks Christian Lacrosse - Boys 16OCBLC
Oaks Christian Lacrosse - Girls 16OCGLC
Oaks Christian Soccer - Boys 16OCBSC
Oaks Christian Soccer - Girls 16OCGSC
Oaks Christian Softball - Girls 16OCSB
Oaks Christian Swim/Dive 16OCSW
Oaks Christian Tennis - Boys 16OCBTN
Oaks Christian Tennis - Girls 16OCGTN
Oaks Christian Track 16OCTR
Oaks Christian Volleyball - Boys 16OCBVB
Oaks Christian Volleyball - Girls 16OCGVB
Oaks Christian Water Polo - Boys 16OCBWP
Oaks Christian Water Polo - Girls 16OCGWP
Oaks Christian Wrestling 16OCWR
Thousand Oaks HS Baseball - Boys 16TOBA
Thousand Oaks HS Basketball - Boys 16TOBBB
Thousand Oaks HS Basketball - Girls 16TOGBB
Thousand Oaks HS Cheer 16TOCH
Thousand Oaks HS Cross Country 16TOCC
Thousand Oaks HS Dance 16TODC
Thousand Oaks HS Football 16TOFB
Thousand Oaks HS Golf - Boys 16TOBGF
Thousand Oaks HS Golf - Girls 16TOGGF
Thousand Oaks HS Lacrosse - Boys 16TOBLC
Thousand Oaks HS Lacrosse - Girls 16TOGLC
Thousand Oaks HS Soccer - Boys 16TOBSC
Thousand Oaks HS Soccer - Girls 16TOGSC
Thousand Oaks HS Softball - Girls 16TOSB
Thousand Oaks HS Stunt 16TOST
Thousand Oaks HS Swim/Dive 16TOSW
Thousand Oaks HS Tennis - Boys 16TOBTN
Thousand Oaks HS Tennis - Girls 16TOGTN
Thousand Oaks HS Track 16TOTR
Thousand Oaks HS Volleyball - Boys 16TOBVB
Thousand Oaks HS Volleyball - Girls 16TOGVB
Thousand Oaks HS Water Polo - Boys 16TOBWP
Thousand Oaks HS Water Polo - Girls 16TOGWP
Thousand Oaks HS Wrestling 16TOWR
TO Titans Little League Football & Cheer TOTitans
Westlake HS Baseball - Boys 16WSBA
Westlake HS Basketball - Boys 16WSBBB
Westlake HS Basketball - Girls 16WSGBB
Westlake HS Beach Volleyball 16WSBVC
Westlake HS Cheer 16WSCH
Westlake HS Cross Country 16WSCC
Westlake HS Dance 16WSDC
Westlake HS Field Hockey - Girls 16WSGFH
Westlake HS Football 16WSFB
Westlake HS Golf - Boys 16WSBGF
Westlake HS Golf - Girls 16WSGGF
Westlake HS Lacrosse - Boys 16WSBLC
Westlake HS Lacrosse - Girls 16WSGLC
Westlake HS Soccer - Boys 16WSBSC
Westlake HS Soccer - Girls 16WSGSC
Westlake HS Softball - Girls 16WSSB
Westlake HS Stunt 16WSST
Westlake HS Swim/Dive 16WSSW
Westlake HS Tennis - Boys 16WSBTN
Westlake HS Tennis - Girls 16WSGTN
Westlake HS Track 16WSTR
Westlake HS Volleyball - Boys 16WSBVB
Westlake HS Volleyball - Girls 16WSGVB
Westlake HS Water Polo - Boys 16WSBWP
Westlake HS Water Polo - Girls 16WSGWP
Westlake HS Wrestling 16WSWR